Stephen Wilks
CEO @ Seneca Learning
November 15, 2019
💰💰 Become Seneca's Chief GIF Officer 💰💰

We want your help to GIPHify & Memeify Seneca's courses. And it's a competition. What will happen to the best GIF-Memes?

  1. The best GIF-Memes will make it into our courses.
  2. The very best GIF-Memes will win $$ prizes.
  3. The very best GIF-Mememaker will win the title of Seneca's Chief GIF Officer.

How do I Memeify Seneca?

  1. Go here -
  2. Choose your starting GIF
  3. Make into an educational meme by adding text.
  4. Upload it to GIPHY with the hashtags seneca and senecalearning
  5. Fill out this form -

The best memes will be posted in here, put in our courses & will win prizes. Ready, Steady, Cook. 👨🏻‍🍳

Stuck for ideas? Here's some inspiration. We will add the best ones here:

January 20 Chief GIF Officer = ???

December 19 Chief GIF Officer = @NazerTazer

November 19 GIF-Meme = @JohnSnow