Flavia Belham
Chief Scientist @ Seneca Learning
December 12, 2018
A Level English Literature Revision

Revising for the Death of a Salesman or The Great Gatsby? Prepare now for your A Level English Literature exam using UK's fastest growing free revision platform. Instead of reading long test or flipping through boring revision guides, you can now learn with instant feedback, gifs, animations and videos.

Sound interesting? That's not all. Seneca has been created by senior examiners so you can be ensure the quality matches your exam board criteria. In addition, their smart learning algorithm will let you revise 2x faster. More about that later, let's first have a look why so many students prefer Seneca over other revision resources.

The benefits of Seneca for English Literature

  • Directly see your knowledge score
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Did I already say it's for FREE
  • Simple and easy to get started wherever you are
  • Exam board specific content written by senior examiners
  • 250+ other free course

A Level English Literature Revision Courses

Aren't you getting bored flipping through these long economics revision guides? Most students have a hard time concentrating on something that is not engaging at all. This is why you should try Seneca. By using gifs, videos and animations you will stay engaged much longer and be able to revise more easily.

So plan to use Seneca for your next economics revision session. Whether you want to revise market structures, business objective or national income - test your knowledge on Seneca.

Which exam boards?

  • AQA

Learn 2x faster

Last year, neuroscientists performed an academic study together with Seneca to quantify how much more effective the platform is compared to traditional revision guides. This study, as publishes in the academic journal IMPACT, was performed with 1,120 students and conclude that students are able to memorise the subject 2x faster.

This is due the learning algorithm used by Seneca. This algorithm is created by engineers and neuroscientists combining the best of technology and neuroscience principles such as imagery and spacing.

In practice, this means that the content you see on Seneca is personalised to each individual student. No student will have the same order of questions or length of study sessions. The algorithm will identify your strengths and weakness. From there on the weaker topics will be repeated in a variety of question formats to trigger your brain better. The questions are also placed on predetermined time intervals instead of repeating the same topic quickly again and again.

By doing so, you're able to prepare for English Literature 2x faster than using standard revision guides. How does that sound to you? Ready to give it a try and check your own knowledge score?