Flavia Belham
Chief Scientist @ Seneca Learning
July 02, 2019
A Level Psychology Revision

Your free Psychology A Level revision tool. Created by senior examiners and containing hundreds of revision questions from social influence to memory and biopsychology. The perfect resource for your psychology revision. Check your knowledge score and see which topics you should focus on. There's no easier way to get revising and obtain that 9.

The benefits of Seneca for Psychology students

  • FREE
  • Identify areas of improvement
  • See your psychology knowledge score
  • Easy to get going on both mobile and desktop
  • Compete against your friends and classmates

Psychology is super interesting. But reading through hundreds of pages in revision guides doesn't exactly make it that great of an activity. Studying in general becomes harder and harder with technologies distracting everywhere. So why not use these technologies to revise. Login on your phone and desktop and spend an hour going through the psychology content.

The learning algorithm will automatically focus on the areas that you're scoring worst on and thus getting you to your maximum potential faster. Besides that, Seneca has incorporated thousands of gifs, animations and videos to keep your brain engaged so that you can concentrate for longer periods of time.

Which exam boards?

  • AQA

Give it a try and check your psychology knowledge score: