Richard Broad
Head of UK Education @ Seneca Learning
September 19, 2019
Free Metacognition CPD Course for Teachers

Seneca now offers six free CPD courses to help teachers be better practitioners. Each course is written by experts in their fields and includes the latest in education theory and thinking. We offer CPD courses covering:

  1. Cognitive Science for Teachers Level 1
  2. Cognitive Science for Teachers Level 2
  3. Metacognition for Teachers
  4. Assessment for Teachers
  5. Literacy in Science
  6. Language Development for Teachers

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Metacognition for Teachers

Metacognition is a hot topic but it is often difficult to know how to implement it into your classroom/school. This course explores what metamemory is and the different areas of metacognition, including metacognitive knowledge, metacognitive monitoring and metacognitive control. You will also learn about the practical implications of metacognition for learners and teachers and the impact metacognition can make.

This course is designed for any teacher who is comfortable in their practice and is looking to add a further string to their bow. The course will develop a deep understanding of how your students think and learn.

Thank you to John Firth for writing this course.

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