Flavia Belham
Chief Scientist @ Seneca Learning
July 03, 2019
GCSE Business Revision

Revising for GCSE Business is rarely more fun than Fortnite or Snapchat. Stop using boring revision guides and use Seneca's free online revision courses for your GCSE Business exam. Covering all topics from production processes and human resources to marketing and finance - it's the unfair advantage for 600,000 students.

GCSE Business Revision - Why 600,000 Students Prefer Seneca

  • 250+ Free courses
  • Matching your exam board specifications
  • Produced by senior examiners to ensure quality
  • Highly engaging with GIFs, illustrations and videos
  • Tested by neuroscientists to be 2x more effective than revision guides

You want to start a business, but first have to finish your GCSEs? You already have a side hustle and don't want to spend too much time revising from ineffective and boring guides. Let Seneca help you out with interactive gifs, animations and videos. It has even been proven by neuroscientists that Seneca's smart algorithm lets students memorise topics 2x faster than traditional study material. See all the topics such as customer service, market research and sources of finance below, and sign up for free.