Flavia Belham
Chief Scientist @ Seneca Learning
December 08, 2018
GCSE Physics Revision

Seneca is the unfair advantage for over 500,000 students revising for their GCSE Physics exam. Proven to be 2x more effective than revision guides, Seneca covers all Physics topics, from the particle model to radiation and magnetism. Instead of flicking through boring revision guides you can now learn with Physics GIFs, animations and videos.

The Best Alternative to Boring Revision Guides

As well as an extensive set of Physics courses, Seneca also covers your Physics practicals. If you're also taking exams in Biology and Chemistry, you can now revise for all your exams in one place. Seneca covers 250+ revision courses for all your subjects and provides you with insights on what topics you understand well and which ones you should revise again before your exam.

Why 500,000 Physics Students Prefer Seneca for Exam Revision?

  • Free for you, your class and teachers
  • Physics GCSE content for all major exam boards
  • 2x more effective than revision guides
  • All content is produced by senior examiners to ensure exam-grade quality