Richard Broad
Head of UK Education @ Seneca Learning
November 18, 2019
Join Over 2 Million Students Using Seneca

We're very proud to announce that over 2.2 million students now study using Seneca. Thank you for all your ongoing support.

Our mission is to deliver an exceptions education to all students across the world for free. By using Seneca, you are learning in the most effective way and supporting Seneca to achieve this mission.

What is Seneca?

Seneca is proven to help you learn 2x faster - and it's FREE.

We cover over 95% of the exams taken in the UK with free courses covering the curriculum at Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, GCSE and A Level. Whatever you want to study, Seneca's got your back!

Why do so many people use Seneca?

  • Exam quality content written by senior examiners
  • Exam board specific free online courses
  • Proven by neuroscientists to be 2x more effective
  • FREE to use

Trusted by 85,000 Teachers

Seneca provides over 85,000 teachers with the highest quality data to help them assess student understanding.

Our teacher platform is, and always will be, free for teachers to use!

Seneca's adaptive algorithms automatically adapt to each student to give them a personalised learning path according to the areas of strength and development.

On top of that, Seneca will save you time because everything's automatically marked!